How We Helped a Junk Removal Company Get 10+ Calls per Day

We have been working with a Junk Removal Company in a city here in US, helping them build their business up to 10+ calls per day. We want to show you how we did it! We will talk about how we set up their online presence for success.

Junk Removal Marketing Results Before blurred
Junk Removal Marketing Results After blurred

Brainstorming a New Look and Rebrand

When we first started working with our junk removal client, we knew that a rebrand was necessary in order to stand out in a small market. We did extensive research on their competitors and analyzed the top junk removal companies in major cities across the US using SEMRush. This helped us understand what was working for their competitors and gave us ideas for our own rebranding strategy.

Competitive Research

I typically begin this part with a simple google search straight from the source. Let’s start with Dallas Texas as an example. Using the Keyword Subject “Junk Removal” and City “Dallas”. First we see some sponsored results from Google Ads at the top of the search query, and below that we start to see the top organic results. You can save the sponsored ads results with a screen shot to save for later if you ever want to run Google Ads in the future.

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Performing competitive research and analyzing the online presence of top-ranking companies in your industry can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Even if you’ve already undergone a rebranding, regularly reviewing and adjusting your branding strategy is crucial in today’s ever-changing market.

Good Junk Removal Website Example 1

Good Junk Removal Website Example 2

This is a great opportunity to start looking at how the site is structured in terms of their service pages, their high volume pages, their location pages, how their logo looks, the colors they chose, the call to actions, and also the offers.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Notice all the different pages they made for every little droplet of service that the junk removal business has to offer around the country.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Incorporating a Call To Action on every other section throughout your pages.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

When rebranding a junk removal company, It is a good practice to check your competitors junk removal logos with their primary colors. They seem to make their logos fun and creative. I mean we are talking about junk here, how do you make this a fun clean experience for them?

Staying ahead of the game is crucial for success because your competitors may develop new marketing strategies that can pose a threat to your business.  One of the key takeaways from our rebranding experience was the importance of competitive research.  Checking out your competitors’ strategies and evaluating their triumphs (and slip-ups) can give you valuable insights and ideas to create a better marketing plan for your own business.

Creating a Landing Page and Website Design

We knew that having a solid branding strategy was only the first step. To truly stand out in the junk removal industry, we needed a website that was not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversions. That’s why we analyzed the top-ranking junk removal sites in the US for their local areas and took inspiration from them to create a design that would resonate with our target audience and encourage them to take action.

Company Website Before

Company Website After

The company we were helping, started with a SquareSpace site before the transition, with a hard to spell name, that we won’t even mention.  Together we also carefully chose the colors, name, and logo for their business to ensure they aligned with their brand personality and would appeal to the ideal customers in their area. 

Notice the difference in appeal from the previous site, with more call to actions. Using an offer in the site to attract more online bookings. WordPress is our preferred way to build sites, for the SEO and customize design capabilities it brings us.

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Having an online booking tool on your website is key to automating your business.  We noticed a few other sites using this online booking for junk removal including an offer to entice potential clients to increase conversions. You and your customer get a better experience this way and the conversion rate for this lead is like 90%. 

I believe in the saying “you play good if you look good,” having the right branding can make a huge difference in how your business is perceived.  If you plan on getting organic traffic in the long run, use SEO Tactics throughout the whole project. We made sure to use tactics throughout the entire project to increase our chances of getting organic traffic in the long run. We’ll delve more into SEO later on in this case study.

Set Up a Booking and CRM Tracking System

Online bookings and organization

The platform allows customers to easily book appointments online, and their information is automatically added to our CRM system. Using a booking and CRM system like Call Book Pro has been a game-changer for our team. It allows us to stay on top of incoming leads and keep everything organized, so we never miss a potential client.

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Phone call tracking and recording

Call Book Pro enables us to track and record all phone calls that come through, which helps us improve our customer service and sales techniques. We can review calls and identify areas where we can improve our interactions with customers.

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Taking Payments

Another useful feature of the Call Book Pro platform we use is the ability to take payments online. With our service pro management platform, customers can easily pay for your services online, which has made the payment process more convenient for local service based businesses.

No more worries about getting paid on site! Taking payments through the platform has made our clients operations more efficient and secure, which means more time for them to focus on what they do best – providing friendly and fun junk removal services to their clients.

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Google Review Management

When it comes to managing leads and clients, having a solid booking and CRM system is essential. Managing customer reviews is a breeze with Call Book Pro. There are automated emails and text messages that ask for a review and are sent directly through the platform, which has been a game-changer in maintaining our clients reputation in the industry.

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CRM Conclusion

Overall, the Call Book Pro platform has been an incredibly useful tool for our team in managing leads and clients. Using the Call Book Pro platform has been a game-changer for our business.  Since we started using Call Book Pro, our customer service has improved, and our booking process has become much simpler and hassle-free. The platform has played a crucial role in our business’s steady growth, and we’re grateful for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Running a Google Ads Campaign

As Mike’s Local Leads, we understand the importance of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. In addition to our organic marketing efforts, we’ve had great success running Google Ads campaigns for our clients.

Below you can see that we ran a forecasting tool provided by google that helps you determine your potential costs when using specific keywords in a specific area. This is how you can make an estimate with your keyword list and budget your campaign correctly.

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For our recent client, we focused on driving traffic to their new landing page for phone calls and online bookings. To achieve this, we crafted Google Ad Search campaigns and local service ads by targeting the right audience and using, we were able to attract potential customers who were searching for junk removal services in the client’s area.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Using Answer The Public in combination with competitor ad titles, and Chat GPT, we could pick and choose the best Search titles and keyword ad sets.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Some of the conversion settings in our ad’s were misconfigured during this time period, so there should be around 15 more conversions within this time period, which dramatically increases the cost per conversion. But luckily we had our CRM system to monitor the phone calls coming in so we had an alternative way to look at data besides google analytics and Google Ads, using Call Book Pro.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Navigating the complexities of setting up a Google Ads campaign can leave even the most seasoned marketer scratching their head. But fear not, with a little bit of guidance and research, anyone can master the art of Google Ads.

That’s why we take care of all the details, from setting up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to configuring the Google Ads setup. With our expertise, we can ensure that your Google Ads campaign is running smoothly and delivering real results.

By partnering with Mike’s Local Leads, our clients can rest easy knowing that we have the skills and experience to create effective Google Ads campaigns that generate leads and drive traffic to their website.

Starting Work on SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy. We knew that in order to drive long-term traffic to our client’s website and generate leads consistently, we needed to optimize their website for search engines.

  • Conducted extensive keyword research
  • Optimized website structure
  • Created optimized service, company, and location pages
  • Implemented a blog with high-quality content
  • Focused on listing management for directory listings
  • Strategically used internal linking
  • Addressed page speed issues and optimized across the board
  • Built backlinks with high-quality content
  • Achieved long-term success in the junk removal industry through our comprehensive and effective SEO strategy.
junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

To start, we conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for their industry in their city. We also conducted a thorough analysis of their website structure, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

To come up with more ideas and ways to come up with content for your keywords and subjects you can use answer the public.  This will give us the who, what, where, when, and why but on steroids, by including the search ranking volume and difficulties as well as other metrics like google ad keyword costs.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

One of the first things we did was create service pages, company pages, and location pages, all optimized for specific keywords related to the junk removal industry. We also implemented a blog on their website, regularly creating high-quality, informative content that was optimized for both user experience and search engines.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

We also focused on listing management for directory listings, ensuring our client’s business information was consistent and accurate across all online directories. This helped to establish trust with search engines and improve our client’s visibility in local search results.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Additionally, we addressed page speed issues using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, ensuring that our client’s website loaded quickly and provided a smooth user experience. We also analyzed other parameters in Google’s Lighthouse tool, including accessibility, SEO, and more, ensuring our client’s website was optimized across the board.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

Finally, we began building backlinks to our client’s website. There are two ways to do this: first one is to use SEMRush to find your competitors backlinks like shown above.  Reach out to these providers or use the same blog networks they are posting on to gain more domain authority online.

The second way is reaching out to local businesses and news sites in the area, creating high-quality, relevant content that linked back to our client’s website. This helped to establish our client as an authority in the junk removal industry, improving their search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic to their website.

junk removal leads,junk removal marketing,junk removal seo

The final results for the first two months were a complete success. They now were getting organic phone calls coming in every day. New opportunities to be found by repeat customers. But we’re not over yet! We will continue to gain the ranks amongst more keywords in their area and scale them to open up more branches around their state and country!

Contacting Local Businesses for Recurring Deals

Here are some businesses you can reach out to in order to establish recurring customers for your junk removal business:

Real estate agents and companies

Offering a discounted rate to real estate agents who refer clients to your services can help you gain new business.


They often know about foreclosed properties and can refer you to new owners who may need junk removal services.

Personal storage facilities

Customers at storage facilities often need to dispose of unwanted items. Consider offering a discount to the facility and its customers.

Real estate agents and companies

Offering a discounted rate to real estate agents who refer clients to your services can help you gain new business.